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Red Claw Creative is working with The Hollywood Heritage Museum to bring more MOTION to the museum this year.


This fall we will be in the testing phase of multiple exciting projects that will create an interactive experience for the museum visitor.

Thanks to an edowment from silent film actress Carla Laemmle and a grant from Universal Studios, seed funding is in place to rebuild the original 1914 silent film stage used by Cecil B. DeMille and The Lasky Famous Players.

The plan is to have tour groups and school groups experience what it was like to act/ shoot/ and edit a short "flicker".

We are meeting with interns this September to help us in the early phase of the silent stage as we test different interactive/ educational exhibits.

Those interested in applying email

Interns part of this program will leave with a crash course in silent film history. Not only will we screen the great works of Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton & Normand. Students will recreate select scenes from their films, breaking down how the comedic or dramatic effect was achieved by these masters that wrote our "the language of film" .

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