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Hello, my name is Kevin Jordan. I am a creative content producer,

Red Claw Creative is my production company.

I enjoy the challenge of bringing a narrative line to brand content, no matter the budget constraints. On hands at every stage, from concept development through final delivery.


I love working with actors, I started in front of the camera, for a quick laugh take a look at two clips from my teen acting years




I've directed two feature films, the first, SMILING FISH won the Discovery Award at The Toronto International Film Festival. The second, BROOKLYN LOBSTER, starring Danny Aiello and Jane Curtin, was inspired by my own family's lobster shop in Brooklyn. --  Hence the Red Claw moniker-- My father's logo as well. 


BROOKLYN LOBSTER was presented by Martin Scorsese and domestically distributed by Netflix. 

The Scorsese contact came through an NYU scholsarship. --For a short clip from some time I got to spend with Mr. Scorsese on set click HERE 

All of the work on this site I have produced, directed and edited. Happy to discuss how I can create content for your company. 


Shoot me an email and let's begin pre-production!

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