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Hello, I’m Kevin Jordan. I specialize in production, direction, and editing. I'm a gun for hire with over 15 years of experience. Love visual story telling from long form to quick social media blasts.

I’m deeply involved in every stage of the process, from concept to final sound mix. Acting always  a passion of mine, and I started in front of the camera myself.  For a quick laugh, here are two clips from my

 teenage acting days.

I’ve directed two feature films, the first "Smiling Fish" won the Discovery Award at The Toronto Film Festival, and "Brooklyn Lobster" was endorsed by Martin Scorsese and streamed on Netflix.


I thrive on collaborating with teams to bring ideas to life.

My goal is to not only produce compelling content but also to elevate the brand and message of a company through innovative and entertaining media. 


All of the work on this site I have produced, directed and edited. Happy to discuss how I can create content for your company.


Shoot me an email and let's begin pre-production! 

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