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JBL POWER BAR Director: Kevin Jordan, DP Ed David, Production Red Claw Creative Red Claw was delighted to collaborate once again with the esteemed team at JBL, our mission? Craft an exhilarating and vibrant spot showcasing their latest innovation, the JBL Sound Bar. Tailored for a multitude of outdoor escapades craving continuous beats, we opted for an adrenaline-fueled UTV race. Our protagonist, in unmistakable JBL orange, lets the other drivers take a healthy lead. His JBL Sound Bar powers up and the race truly begins. Fueled by bass, he blasts past all the competition. The Sound Bar functioning as rocket fuel-- JBL once again Raising The Bar.

3 KILOS VODKA Director: Kevin Jordan, DP Christian Perez, Production Red Claw Creative 3 Kilos Vodka brought Red Claw the challenge of creating the launch video for the new Vodka brand. The quintuple-distilled vodka is contained in a bottle that is literally a gold bar. This symbol announcing that they are now the gold standard in vodka. Everything about 3 Kilos Vodka exudes a luxury that may not be available to all. Ya know , a Russian vodka, Russian oligarch kinda luxury. A “sorry you not on the list” kinda luxury. So we made a spot that embodied this…spirit.."Oh..Ha Ha.. He make joke"

STATE FARM PSA Director: Kevin Jordan, DP Dave Tumblety , Production Red Claw Creative Teaming up with LeBron James' charity, '26 Seconds,' backed by State Farm. Our task was to create a compelling PSA emphasizing the importance of staying in school. Every 26 seconds, a child drops out of high school. PSAs at their core are challenging, the content is often heavy so we decided to lean into the light. Simply showcasing a few wonderful little moments that happen only in school. Simple, honest moments that you would miss out on.

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