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DORITOS Director: Kevin Jordan, DP Ed David, Production Red Claw Creative Tasked with creating a social media spot to promote the Doritos new "Creator Series," aimed at encouraging aspiring filmmakers to submit their work. The brief emphasized the need for outlandish humor, aligning with Doritos' bold brand identity. Execution: We took the concept of embracing the unexpected to heart and crafted a scenario that perfectly captured Doritos' irreverent spirit. By leaning into the absurdity of the premise and infusing it with Doritos' signature zany humor, we created a memorable and shareable spot that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the "Creator Series.” "Puppet Parents" served as the perfect invitation for aspiring filmmakers to unleash their creativity and join Doritos in celebrating the unconventional.

STRAY BALLS Director: Kevin Jordan, DP Nicoli Miranda , Production Red Claw Creative Amidst the excitement of the US Open and the heartwarming celebration of National Adopt a Dog Day, Paw Partners Media entrusted us with the task of crafting a video to amplify traffic to the ASPCA. Embracing the opportunity, we embarked on a creative journey, conceiving the whimsical world of the fictitious 'Stray Balls' program. Collaborating with none other than the esteemed comedic icon, Jane Curtin, we were thrilled to have her onboard as the spokesperson for this delightfully absurd initiative. With her unparalleled talent, Curtin brought the perfect blend of comedic finesse and genuine sincerity to our project, capturing hearts and sparking laughter with every frame.

KFC WRAP Director: Kevin Jordan, DP Dave Tumblety, Production Red Claw Creative Since Colonel Sanders first introduced Kentucky Fried Chicken to the public in 1930, the sacred principles of the Church of Chicken have remained unwavering: the chicken must always be irresistibly finger-lickin' good, and it should serve as a catalyst for joy, uniting family and friends in laughter and shared stories. Drawing inspiration from this recipe we embarked on a mission to craft a playful commercial introducing the new KFC Chicken Wrap. Enter two genuine friends, brought together not only by their love for great food but also by their shared passion for creating unforgettable moments. Inspired by the mouthwatering deliciousness of the new Chicken Wrap, they spontaneously burst into a rap – a tribute to its savory goodness that flowed so naturally, it had them rapping in "chicken." Enthralled by the delectable flavors and infectious fun, even parking tickets can't dampen the spirit of finger-lickin' good times.

KISS KARS Director: Kevin Jordan, DP David Edwards Production Red Claw Creative Since 1973, KISS has been igniting stages worldwide, captivating audiences with their electrifying performances and iconic presence. Over the decades, they haven't just amassed a fan base; they've forged an unstoppable force known as the KISS Army. Now, as the final curtain draws near for their legendary run at Madison Square Garden, we were privileged to craft a series of exhilarating spots for Pay Per View and KissOnline, showcasing the unwavering passion and boundless love that the devoted KISS Army holds for their beloved band. Some might say the fans go too far with their love for the band, but is there truly ever a limit when dealing with KISS?

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